How to Deploy CodeIgniter Project on

How to Deploy CodeIgniter Project on


CodeIgniter is a free and open-source web application framework written in PHP.

In this guide, we will learn about deploying a CodeIgniter project on


  1. Have installed a web server on
  2. Have created an empty web application on
  3. Know how to manage files using file manager on
  4. Know how to manage databases using phpMyAdmin on

Step 1 - Upload CodeIgniter Project via File Manager

In this guide, we will deploy a to-do list application. The application are documented in the URL below.

GitHub - joshtmags/code_igniter-todolist
Contribute to joshtmags/code_igniter-todolist development by creating an account on GitHub.

Firstly, navigate to the empty web application directory on the file manager.

File manager - web application directory 

Open the public folder and make sure the folder is empty by deleting all files.

File manager - web application directory - public folder 

Upload the CodeIgniter project file or you can upload from URL by using the URL below.
File manager - upload the project file

View the file and extract them to the current directory.

File manager - project file archive
File manager - extracted project file

Now, move all files in the "code_igniter-todolist-master" folder to the current public folder.

File manager - move all project files to public folder

To make it clean, delete the archive file and the "code_igniter-todolist-master" folder. Now the files should be like the image below.

File manager - application files

Step 2 - Create & Import Database via phpMyAdmin

Create a database namely "todolist" via the phpMyAdmin.

phpMyAdmin - create todolist database

Open the database and click the "Import" menu.

phpMyAdmin - import todolist database

Choose the database file and click the "Go" button. You should see the success notification like the image below.

phpMyAdmin - import todolist database - success

Step 3 - Configure the Application

Firstly, you need to set the new base_url config by editing this file application/config/config.php. The base_url value should be your application URL, in this guide is Don't forget to save the file.

File manager - edit base_url config

Next, you need to set the new database config by editing this file application/config/database.php.

File manager - edit database config - original

The hostname, username, and password value should match the database credentials provided on the server database page. server database page

The database value should be "todolist". The database config script should be like the image below.

File manager - edit database config - final config

Don't forget to save the file.
Notes: if you want to remove index.php from any application's URL you need to set the index_page config to blank in application/config/config.php. After that, you should follow the guide from CodeIgniter's official documentation that we provide below.

CodeIgniter URLs — CodeIgniter 4.2.1 documentation

Step 4 - Test the Application

Now visit your application and the page should be like the image below.

To-do list application

Voila, the CodeIgniter project is deployed and it's works!

Furthermore, you can follow the guide below if you want to add a domain to your application.

How to Add Domain to a Web Application on
Introduction A domain is a unique string that represents your web application address. With the domain, you don’t need to remember every IP address and path of your web applications. It helps you and the other visitor who want to visit your web applications. In this guide, we will learn

Don't forget to change the base_url config in application/config/config.php