How to Install Custom Web Application on

How to Install Custom Web Application on


Custom Web Applications free you to deploy your web applications from any platform.

In this guide, we will learn about installing a Custom Web Application on


Prerequisites for following this guide, you must have a server already connected to PAAS. If you don't have a server connected to PAAS yet, you can follow our guide on How to Connect a Server in PAAS.

Creating a New Custom Web Application

Main Server Page

From servers page, you need to open the server details page by clicking on the server where your application is located (For example, here using the Slave 12 server).

Server Content Page

On the server detail page, you need to open the web applications page by clicking "Web Applications" menu on the left sidebar.

Web Application Page

On the web applications page, you need to open the deploy web app page by clicking "Deploy new web app" button on the right side.

Choose Platform Section

On the Choose Platform section, choose Custom Web App and click the continue button.

General Configuration Section

On the General Configuration section, fill the application name and database name field. Application name must contain at least one alphanumeric character and can only contain underscores, periods, spaces, or dashes. After that, click the continue button.

Summary Section 1.png
Summary Section 1
Summary Section 2.png
Summary Section 2

In this Summary section, you are provided with information about the platform, general configuration, and basic settings & stack of the application. Next you click the deploy button at the bottom right.

Deploy Confirmation Message

A confirmation message will appear, click the "Deploy" button again and the deployment will start. If there is no error, you will be directed to web applications page.

Redirected Web Application Page

You will see that your new application is listed with the status "Installing". Please wait until the status changes to "Installed" or "Failed" if an error occurs during deployment.

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